Alfred Clipboard History – Text Snippets vs. Clipboard Manager

by Sean McCabe

Alfred App is the best clipboard manager for macOS.

Go beyond using text snippets and start using clipboard history to recall anything you’ve ever typed.

When you press your clipboard history shortcut, you’ll see a list of everything you’ve copied. Simply start typing to instantly filter down the results.

Alfred’s clipboard history manager isn’t just limited to text. If you type image, it will show every image you’ve copied as well.

Paste any result by selecting it with the arrow keys and hitting Enter or by pressing the keyboard shortcut (⌘ + [Number]).

You can also use a * wildcard in your clipboard history searches.

I like to search for http to find all of the links I’ve copied.

Limits of Text Snippets & Benefits of Clipboard History

Watch the video for even more examples.

Here are some of my favorite Alfred workflows:

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